INFO: Hours & Dress code

Dress to Impress

Hours of Operation

Thursday: 8pm - 3am

Friday: 8pm - 3am

Saturday: 8pm - 3am

Dress Code

Barkada Lounge enforces a "Club Casual" dress code.

All clothing must be clean and neat. T-shirts and jeans are acceptable.

No hooded sweatshirts. No baseball caps or sports gear may be worn inside the nightclub. No beanies, skullcaps or stocking caps allowed. No exceptionally oversized pants or ripped jeans. No tank tops on male guests. No sweatpants or sweatsuits. No sunglasses. NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND.

Shoes must be worn at all times. No "flip-flops" or "construction boots" allowed.

Dress Code is at the security staff and management's discretion.

The dress code is strictly enforced to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time at Barkada Lounge. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

- Thank you